ValueManager™ Energy

Solutions Description:

Meeting demand for electricity during peak hours is a major challenge faced by the electric utilities industry. This problem is made even more challenging as renewable energy is plugged into the grid and creates more disturbances in the smart grid. Solutions provided by ValueManager™ Energy to address these challenges include the following:

At the consumer level

  • How to use consumer data collected from the smart grid to gain knowledge to improve customer satisfaction
  • Help consumers to monitor and optimize the utilization of energy within the household and help them minimize their electric bills.
  • Demand response to enable customers to use information to make a decision about when and how to use electric power.

Decision support systems

  • Identify problems and provide what-if analysis to enable system operators to assess risk and make better decisions

Operational efficiency

  • Improve efficiency and effective of smart grid operations, maintenance and planning

For companies

  • Optimize capacity planning
  • Monitors transmission boxes to help them implement effective maintenance program and therefore reduce the cost of maintenance.
  • Optimize capacity planning for energy
  • Minimize blackouts/brownouts
  • Monitor transmission boxes to implement an effective predictive maintenance program

Strategic Benefits

ValueManager™ Energy brings several benefits to customers including:

  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Reduction in capital expenditures
  • Reduction in energy consumption during peak hours