ValueManager™ Healthcare Analytics

Solutions Description:

Researchers, service providers, payers as well as government agencies are faced with massive amount of data that need to be collected, fused and analyzed to discover new drugs, to reduce the cost of treatment, to improve the quality of care, to reduce the cost of health insurance, to reduce the overall cost of healthcare and to reduce fraud and overbilling in government healthcare programs. ValueManager™ Healthcare Analytics provides solutions that enable decision makers achieve their desired goals in many areas including:

Data Analysis

Analyze massive amounts of data from electronic medical records (EMR), electronic heath record (EHR) and other sources to improve efficiency and quality of health care delivery to patients. Technology and analytics for biosurveillance and chronic disease management. Predictive modeling. Biostatistics, Statistics and Evidence Based Medicine

Patient Diagnostic and Treatment

Decision support system to enable doctors, clinical researchers, and others to improve patient diagnostic and treatment and to reduce errors.

mHealth (mobile Health)

Technology platform that uses the web, cell phone, telephone, and mobile technologies to remotely track and monitor patients to improve patientsí health and reduce health cost, and to provide access to healthcare to patients in remote locations as well as to reduce health disparity in underserved communities.

Fraud Detection in Medical Payments

Suspicious pattern recognition and predictive modeling to detect and identify fraud, improper payments and overpayments in health private health insurance and government healthcare programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

Clinical Decision Support System

Custom database architecture. Data fusion, data transformation, data visualization and data intelligence. Specialized software systems. Algorithm development.

Strategic Benefits:

ValueManager™ Healthcare Analytics creates value for clients, including:

  • Cost reduction in healthcare
  • Improved healthcare and healthcare delivery to patients
  • Access to information for knowledge discovery and accurate decision making by clinicians and managers