ValueManager™ Marketing

Organizations are faced with increasing economic and political uncertainties in the market place. These factors are exasperated by an ever increasing number of competitors, pricing pressure, rising costs of operations, new technologies that transform and eliminate existing business models, and a demanding group of customers who expect better customer service at lower cost and who are no longer bound by traditional loyalty to retain relationship with their existing service providers.

Business Problem:

The key challenges facing Marketing managers include:

  • How to develop and offer products that meet the requirements of customers?
  • How to acquire new profitable customers?
  • How to identify and retain existing customers who are profitable?
  • How to leverage existing customer base through cross-sell?
  • How to reduce the cycle time of marketing campaigns?
  • How to identify and abandon non-profitable customers?
  • How to grow the business without contributing to consumer delinquency and bad debt and the resulting increase in reserve requirements?
  • How to achieve marketing targets while taking into accounts the resource constraints in operations?

Solution Description:

The high cost of experienced analysts and the lack of appropriate domain-focused analytical technology solutions that can be deployed and re-used rapidly presents a big challenge. Marketing ValueManager™ is focused on creating solutions that respond to the requirements of the Marketing manager and can be personalized to her specific needs, enabling:


How do you identify customers who should be offered specific products given marketing budgetary constraints while mitigating consumer risk?

Delinquency Prediction

How to identify new customers who are likely to be delinquent before they enter the base?


How to identify and retain the most profitable customers?


How to sell multiple products to customers who hold other products?

Segmentation & Clustering

How to profile customers for more effective, focused and timely product offers and client management based on unique behavioral and other characteristics?


Identify customers who are likely to defect or leave three to six months before they do so.

Identify Transactors & Revolvers

How to manage Transactors who pay in full and do not generate interest income? How to retain and nurture revolvers who are profitable customers and who maintain a balance and generate interest income?

Identify Hit-and-Run

How to identify customers who buy only during sales promotions, pay in full but cost money to maintain and do not generate interest income on their credit cards (particularly in retail department stores)?

Sales Forecasting

Forecasting sales in multi-channel environment (direct mail, Web, TV, print media, etc.) to manage resource deployment (staffing) in operations for optimum customer service.

Data Mart

Design and development of data marts for integrated marketing and risk management.


Development of web-based services to support auto dealers, insurance agents and other network customers

Strategic Benefits:

Marketing ValueManager™ brings several strategic benefits to customers, including:

  • Reduce marketing acquisition costs by not soliciting customers who will contribute to delinquency and bad debt
  • Increase customer NPV (Net Present Value) by focusing on profitable customers and abandoning non-profitable customers
  • Boost customer retention and reduce attrition
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce costs by helping create a variable cost structure
  • Improve resource planning in operations
  • Contribute to lower delinquency and bad debt