ValueManager™ Operations

Solutions Description:

A major challenge for operations managers is how to gain control over resources, people, money and processes and optimize their use to support other functions like Marketing and Risk. Key issues facing operations manager, which are targeted by ValueManager™ Operations solution include:

Call Forecasting

How to improve staffing in inbound call centers to improve customer response rate time for multi-channel marketing campaigns (Web, TV, direct mail, etc.)?

Marketing Sales Forecasting

Forecasting sales of big ticket items (auto) for multi-channel marketing programs (Web, TV, direct mail) by insurance and consumer finance industries.


How to increase the productivity of agents in inbound call centers with highly targeted product offers to customers while they are on-line with the agents?

Agent Productivity

How to improve the productivity (sales per hour) of agents in outbound call centers to reduce operating costs through a real time coaching system of agents while they are talking to customers?

Insurance Claims Processing

How to improve the workflow in claim processing to reduce the costs of and time spent by investigators to process claims?

Invoice Recovery

How to use invoice auditing to detect and prevent over billing by suppliers or overpayment to suppliers and improve cash flow?

Strategic Benefits

ValueManager™ Operations brings several strategic benefits to customers, including:

  • Increased customer satisfaction by reducing the waiting time when customers respond to marketing offers
  • Improved productivity in direct marketing programs (sales per agent)
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Improvement in business processes