ValueManager™ Risk

Solutions Description:

A slow economy, widespread corporate layoffs, and a mounting consumer debt have conspired to increase the level of delinquency, bad debt and fraud and are forcing Risk managers to look outside their organizations for solutions to the following problems, which are addressed in a seamless manner by ValueManager™ Risk solutions:


How to predict existing accounts likely to be 60 days or 90 days delinquent more than three months before they become delinquent?


How to predict delinquency among prospective customers that are being targeted by Marketing?

Portfolio Analysis

How to set up an intelligent and cost effective system to analyze and monitor different product portfolios through early alerts and automated decisions in order to minimize reserve requirements?

Credit Card Fraud

How to detect credit card fraud in Internet and Card Not Present (CNP) sales?

Insurance Fraud

How to identify insurance claims fraud (auto, workers compensation, health/medical, property)

Intelligence/Defense/Homeland Security

We provide solutions to the government including:

  • Intelligent decisions
  • Advanced algorithms (statistical and non-statistical) for intelligent and automated decisions
  • Understanding & managing massive, dynamic & diverse data
  • Risk management for fraud detection and prevention
  • Intelligent, automated analysis and alerts
  • Algorithms and software for anomaly detection in massive data sets
  • Modeling, Simulation & Analysis for risk mitigation
  • Software and intelligent algorithms for anomaly detection and reporting
  • Data fusion for efficient analysis, interpretation and sharing of information
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Data visualization
  • Budgeting & cost behavior modeling
  • Specialized software

Strategic Benefits

ValueManager™ Risk brings several strategic benefits to customers, including:

  • Reduce delinquency through improved delinquency prediction
  • Insight into how different segments of the portfolio behave
  • Improved credit decisions for each portfolio segment
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Identification of good paying customers for future marketing solicitations
  • Early fraud detection resulting in reduced loss
  • Reduction in reserve requirements
  • Reduced working capital requirements
  • Early identification of threat