Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a management philosophy and a measurement system that provides a set of common measurements that can be applied to all processes. Its main goal is to enable organizations to move away from function-focused to process-focused values, mindset and practices. It was pioneered at Motorola and later successfully implemented major organizations like GE. Although large organizations have embraced Six Sigma, increasingly more and more organizations in several industries are recognizing the need to improve their processes and are looking for experts to help them implement it into their processes and increase value for their customers in a profitable manner.

Reveal brings several years of experience in designing and deploying Six Sigma methodologies at Fortune 100 organizations, and has embedded the key practices in the ValueManager™ suite of analytics solutions to focus on customers and their processes in order to deliver measurable results and help them achieve their business goals.


Identify and satisfy customer needs or customer performance requirements for products and services. These customer requirements are the Critical-To-Quality characteristics (CTQ) that drive analytic and technology solutions from Reveal Analytics.


Identify the critical-to-quality processes from the customer’s point of view and implement improvements in these processes using advanced data analytics and technology from Reveal Analytics that is embedded with extensive industry domain knowledge.

Strategic Benefits:

We leverage our practical experience and best practices in Six Sigma from major Six Sigma driven companies to create benefits for clients, including:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness across processes
  • Development of metrics to analyze, improve and sustain gains across processes
  • Increased productivity and cycle time reduction
  • Reduction in errors
  • Cost reduction and increased profitability